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You’re Invited to come and see the Short Scream – The Invitation by Andrew Michael Kranz

The Invitation Hallowsceam Poster

The Horror Scream Film By Andrew Michael Kranz​ – The Invitation and you’re Invited 😱👻

A Crescent Wave Entertainment and Millenium Film Producions Presentation

Starring –

Ivan Petric  – Warlock

Mickey Deymon  – Sonia

Maxy Melrose  – Nadia

Brandon Aylor  – William

Julie Davis  – Julie

Renee Leone  – Renee

Russ Isles  – Chet

David Vogel  – Lou

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Post Production

Torn From Innocence
Torn from Innocence poster

Jack Spencer risks his life to save the lives of innocent girls victimized by human traffickers.
Written/Directed by Andrew Michael Kranz
Andrew Michael Kranz

Starring Andrew Michael Kranz as NYPD finest – Jack Spencer


Future Film Projects

The Walkers
A post-Zombie Apocalypse
Genre: Zombie Horror/Comedy/Drama

Bo Tai- Kung Fu Protector with Jack Spencer
Genre: Kung Fu/Drama/Suspense/Crime

  1. True Nature – Horror – Logline: A wolfman strives to save his daughter from being sacrificed by an evil secret order bent on resurrecting Azaraith, the wolf demon, during the next full moon.
  2. The Wizard – FantasyLogline: After his wizard mentor is killed in battle, a young boy is left to lead the fight against an evil witch seeking to conquer the realm.
  3. Workbot – Science Fiction – Logline: A man is replaced at work by a robot as has to defend him and his wife from a killer robot that his wife inherited.
  4. The Clouds – Suspense – Logline: A bedridden religious old woman tries to get her son to repent after he brings home a woman to live with them.
  5. Torn from Innocence – Drama – An Andrew Michael Kranz FilmLogline: New York Cop Jack Spencer goes after human traffickers linked the United Nations.
  6. The Invitation – Horror – Logline: A young man visiting Clearwater Beach is lured to a party by vixens and loses his soul.
  7. More to come