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Crescent Wave Entertainment is a Tampa Bay, Florida based production company founded in 2017
and is the brainchild of Randy Corn who’s passion for storytelling and filmmaking drove him to earn a Master of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures and Television (Screenwriting) and embark on a lifetime dream of creating a fan based paid Motion Picture industry in an area that is well known for its Independent Film industry. 

Randy’s passion for storytelling began way back in the fifth grade when wrote his first story and read it to his classmates. Watching the faces of his friends light up as he led them into a magical journey of a world they could only imagine. That was just the beginning as Randy’s love for movies grew over the years as he later discovered in high school.  Armed with an 8mm camera he made his first film of his buddy skateboarding in a pool to the tune of Foghat’s Slow Ride. Seeing how thrilled his classmates were he showed his film in class he was hooked.

It didn’t stop there as Randy went to college and was exposed to the Internet – a global research tool at his fingertips which aided him in writing his first novel – the science fiction thriller – The End of Time.             The End of Time_cover

As time passed and digital technology improved and brought down the cost fo filmmaking the door was opened for Randy to make films Randy’s passion for filmmaking and writing expanded to screenwriting as he earned his Master’s Degree. 

Besides his passion for writing an filmmaking, Randy also was fascinated with science technology so he pursued a B.A.S. in Technolgy Management and eventually landed a job at GTE/Verizon/Frontier Communications where he worked as a Drafter for nineteen years and designed websites on the side.

His heart was still beating for filmmaking so he developed his cinematic eye by studying photography and earned his Certificate in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography a three-year course that would help Randy develop his Film Directing Skills.

Randy’s Master degree was just what the doctor ordered as he learned cinematography, film editing, and Directing as he honed his screenwriting skills.  

After retired from GTE/Verizon/Frontier Communications Randy founded Crescent Wave Entertainment so he could realize his dream of being a filmmaker. 

Randy thought about moving to Los Angeles to embark on his filmmaking career but with his family living in Florida he decided to take a chance on himself and movie lovers in the Tampa Bay area to help support Randy and create a paid industry so local actors and filmmakers can follow their dreams fulltime. Randy wants his company to be driven by the fans of the global Motion Picture industry and become part of that dream by becoming a Patreon supporter to help with the funding needed to run the daily operations of his company and help fund projects such as short films, documentaries, and feature films.  Teamwork is the basis of his company as he works with local talent to tell stories. 

Networking is a key component to completing projects so Randy founded his Facebook Group – Crescent Wave Entertainment which has attracted, actors, directors, producers and other artists of varying skills in sound, cinematography, and various crew functions needed on a film set and has grown to over 750 film professionals and film enthusiasts to date and growing every day.

Teaming up with SAG Actor/Director Andrew Michael Kranz and Millenium Film Productions Crescent Wave Entertainment filmed it’s first short destine to be a classic horror film – The Invitation and everyone is Invited. 

Crescent Wave Entertainment has many projects in the works and is in need of funding to turn imagination into reality. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news and projects to come with the help of Patreons just like you so Catch the Wave and Ride the Wave all the Way to Hollywood.

Thank You,

Randy Corn
Crescent Wave Entertainment
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