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Title: The Wizard and Other Short Stories
Genre: Fantasy

For ten thousand years the seven wizards of the Wizard Council of Eonor had governed and protected the Elven folk of Eonor. As their time was passing and no apprentice was born to pass on their knowledge, the council put all their knowledge and magic into the “White Book of Magic”. It was established that only a true wizard could read from the book. A true wizard was defined as one who is born when a comet is visible during a total eclipse and can read from the book.

After his wizard mentor is killed in battle, a young boy is left to lead the fight against an evil witch seeking to conquer the realm.

Follow along with the boy wizard Ferryman and his adventures. 🙂


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Dick Grecni – AP’s Little All American

Dick Grecni – On the Field with “Iron” Mike Ditka

Vol 34 R57 61 Philadelphia Eagles play College All Stars 1961 Master


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